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Kaksoiskeila Infrapuna Bijektio Hälytinanturi System LED Jännitenäyttö XA-30

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Minäf you are worry about the safety of your house, we are excited to recommend you this Dual Beam Infrared Bijection Alarm Detector System with LED Voltage Display XA-30.This is an implementation method of your home security system! Ideal for observing visitors to offices, homes, shop, clinics and so on. This LED alarm detector system can be easily installed and it is low power consumption. And this infrared alarm detector is homeowners' responses to a rising crime rate, a perceived need to secure their belongings.Great choice for you, do not miss it!
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Paluu säännöt
  • Tekniset tiedot:

    • Working Voltage: DC 13.8 ~ 24V
    • Nykyinen: 40mA ~ 65mA
    • Käyttölämpötila: -25℃ ~ 55℃
    • Ilmankosteus: 5% ~ 95%
    • Visibility(RH): ≥5m
    • Sensing Speed: 50 ~ 700ms
    • Beam: 2 beams


    • DSP clip, high alarm technology
    • Langallinen järjestelmä ja BUS-järjestelmän kanssa, holografinen spot reaaliaikainen raportti
    • Self-adaption in environment and trouble locking
    • Auto-adjustment transmit power for environment
    • Upper and lower optical glasses structure for high precision
    • Safe for both indoor and outdoor use
    • Highly accurate lens with double focus
    • Alhainen virrankulutus


    Zrabra Dual Beam Infrared Bijection Alarm Detector System with LED Voltage Display XA-30 

    Hälytys Detector System

    • LED alarm detector system adopts DSP clip, features high alarm technology 

    Infrared Alarm Detector

    LED Alarm Detector System

    • infrared alarm detector features upper and lower optical glasses structure for high precision

    Zrabra Dual Beam Infrared Bijection Alarm Detector System with LED Voltage Display XA-30 

    • LED alarm detector system is ideal and safe for both indoor and outdoor use

    How Infrared Detector Work in Security Systems?

    • Infrared Detectors Use Infrared Light
    • In order to fully understand how infrared motion detectors work in security systems, users must first understand the function of infrared light
    • According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), infrared light exists in the electromagnetic light spectrum, and operates in a range of frequencies not visible to the human eye. The blanket term "infrared light" encompasses two frequency ranges, "near infrared," which operates at a frequency closer to that of visible light, and "far infrared," a range of frequencies closer to microwaves than to the visible spectrum
    • Because of the higher frequency range of far infrared, the infrared light possesses thermal properties that allow it to sense and detect very subtle temperature changes, and this temperature sensory ability is what helps detect movement in a home security system.
    • Infrared Detectors Monitor a Room
    • In a typical home or office security environment, infrared motion detectors mount on a wall or the ceiling
    • Once in place, the motion detectors use far infrared light beams to create a thermal image of the monitored area
    • Because every component in a home or office---including furniture, floors, walls and fabric---has a certain heat signature, the infrared motion detector quickly develops a "normal" image of the room and its fixtures
    • If this image changes, as it does when a person, animal or object enters the area under infrared monitoring, the detector's built-in circuitry identifies the image change and sends a signal to the security system's control panel.
    • Heat Can Affect Infrared Detectors
    • Due to the low cost and reliability of infrared detectors, according to Alarm System Reviews, the devices account for the majority of motion detectors in home security applications
    • Despite the reliability of the devices, though, they are far from infallible
    • Manufacturers of infrared detectors ship the devices with explicit mounting instructions that include strong warnings against placing the detectors near a heat source
    • Because the devices rely on thermal imaging, a heat source like a radiator or heat pump vent can quickly change the thermal appearance of a monitored area and trigger a false alarm
    • Likewise, an infrared detector mounted to face a window may sound an alarm when the sun sets or rises, or when other environmental factors cause a sudden change in ambient temperature.
    • Some Detectors Use Dual Technology
    • Although infrared detectors are fairly reliable and relatively inexpensive, Alarm System Reviews reports that an increasing number of infrared detectors also employ microwave technology as a secondary security measure
    • In addition to the thermal properties of infrared light, these sensors employ microwaves to quickly and accurately detect movement in a room
    • Every few seconds, the detector sends a burst of microwaves out across the monitored room and measures the amount of time the waves take to reflect back to the detector; if the amount of time changes between one burst and the next, the detector registers a change in the room and triggers an alarm
    • By combining the far reach of microwaves with the relative reliability of infrared, these "Dual Technology" detectors offer greater reliability than their single-technology cousins

    How to Choose a Home Alarm System:

    Hälytys Detector System

    Conducting Preliminary Research

    • Survey your home and determine how many windows and doors you want to be 'switched,' or integrated into the home security system
    • Determine possible locations for the control panel and keypads. You might find it convenient to place a keypad close to the front door. You might also want a keypad close to the bedrooms. The control panel commands the system, and the keypads allow you to program the system and turn it, or its components, on and off
    • Selvitä, kuinka kaukana ikkunat ja ovet ovat ohjauspaneelista, jotta tiedät kuinka pitkälle johdot reititetään jos valitset langallinen hälytysjärjestelmä tai kuinka pitkälle langaton järjestelmä tarvitsee kommunikoida anturit.Pidä mielessä, että se on vaikea asentaa Johdolla turvajärjestelmä ellei talo on vielä rakenteilla
    • Decide whether you want a monitored security system that will be monitored 24 hours a day. The central monitoring station 'watches' your home for a monthly fee. A less expensive alternative is a basic sensor system with a dialer accessory that connects the system to your phone lines and dials preselected numbers if the house's security is breached
    • Consider your lifestyle. Does anyone in the family often get up in the middle of the night for a snack? Do you have a large pet that roams the house at night? Such circumstances will influence the type of motion sensor you select and how it is installed. It may also call for you or members of your family to take trips to the keypad to prevent false alarms

    Choosing the System

    • Consult with a reputable home security system adviser
    • Choose a system with a control panel that can monitor all the zones you have in your home. Each window or door integrated into the system is considered a zone. A basic system is capable of controlling eight zones. However, many panels permit the addition of expansion modules that allow the system to watch up to 32 zones
    • Selvitä, reititys johdot langallista turvajärjestelmä voi olla liian pitkä.Kanssa langallinen järjestelmä, sinun täytyy porata reikiä seiniin, jos johdot on vedetty.Jos viirajuoksun näyttää liian pitkä sinulle, valitse langaton järjestelmä
    • Make certain that a wireless system can perform up to the distance of the farthest zone
    • Be certain that the system you choose can accept fire-protection sensors, carbon monoxide sensors and combustible-gas detectors, anti-freeze-up low-temperature switches (especially in cold climates) and water detectors. Make sure that panic buttons are or can be included
    • Choose a system that is user-friendly. Make certain that inputting codes into the keypad is not a complicated process and is one that everyone in the family can learn quickly. You don't want to have to refer to the owner's manual as you input or try to interpret codes
    • Work the keypad of the system you select to assure yourself that it is easy to use. Encourage all family members to work the keypad so that you will select one that everyone can use comfortably

    Paketti sisältää:

    • 1 x Set of Alarm Detector System

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Mark Pain

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00:00:00 05-03-2011 ALERT! Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: Wow. I was hesitant at first. but it's worth it. The alarm is loud the first ciple off times you hear but you'll get used to it.

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Paul Murphy

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00:00:00 04-18-2011 Versatile! Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: This door stop alarm works great and is quite loud! I really like it for my sliding door, allowing me to keep it open a few inches without worry of intrustion. It can be moved around the home for ease and need. It can be taken on the road for hotels, etc. For the price, it is a great addition to home security.

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Dena Connell

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00:00:00 04-04-2011 Decent home door stop Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: I got this for extra security for my apartment, but this door stop alarm is more design for hotels. Its good because it runs on battery and portable, no problems carrying it with you on trips. <br/> <br/>Pros: solid and brand name. <br/>Cons: The switch in the back is little small.

Oliko tämä arvio hyödyllinen?

Leslie Holland

Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 03-22-2011 Useful product Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: The stopper does hold to the floor and is sensitive to door pressure as expected. <br/>I was not sure if this would hold ground on tiles, but it worked!

Oliko tämä arvio hyödyllinen?

Keegan Barrett

Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 03-06-2011 helppo asentaa Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: It is very easy to install. I just used the sticker enclosed to attach them to wood doors and Vinyl window. The sound is high enough. It does what a alarm suite is supposed to do. I've NO complaints.

Oliko tämä arvio hyödyllinen?

JB Preston

Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 02-23-2011 kiva Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: Laitoin tähän asti helposti!Definate plus.Se antaa minulle pala mielessä, että kuulen joku tulee, joten siksi se antaa minulle aikaa saada aseeni.

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John Silber

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00:00:00 02-14-2011 mukava Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: Ostin tyttäreni asunnossa. Hän asentaa muutamassa minuutissa ilman työkaluja, ja tuntuu mukavalta tietäen rikkominen varoittaa hänen päästä hänen ase. Ostettu toinen poikani!

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James Gavin

Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 01-30-2011 paras Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: Nice security system which would probably the best at this price range. Window Alarm is loud enough but the best alarm is the door. Must buy if you dont want to pay for the pricey calling features or monthly services.

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