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Stylish Square Decor Sand Wood Hourglass

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The Sand Hourglass was used on ships as early as the 11th century as a way of measuring time and speed at sea. The Sand Hourglass was one of the first reusable, dependable and reasonably accurate methods of measuring time. In the 16th century, the Sand Hourglass was used in churches to measure sermon lengths and in factories to calculate time for manufacturing procedures. Later the Wood Hourglass was used within the culinary industry to measure baking and cooking times. The Hourglass Home Decor is an enduring and beautiful work of art that will provide a silent, accurate, and unobtrusive channel of time. So what are you still waiting for?
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  • Tekniset tiedot:

    • This Sand Hourglass measures the time by sand filtering down through the funnel opening
    • Virtausnopeus hiekka on riippumaton syvyys ylemmässä säiliössä, ja laite ei jäädy
    • Will add a soothing, meditative focal point to any office, school, or home setting with the Sand Hourglass
    • The Wood Hourglass makes keeping track of time a breeze
    • Auttaa sinua tarve ja arvailun ajoituksen oman aikataulun
    • Give the Hourglass Home Decor to your special one and tell her or him your love will be forever as the time goes by
    • Materiaali: Wood & Sand & Glass
    • Koko:  8 x 4 x 12cm/3.1 x 1.6 x 4.7in (L x W x H)


    Stylish Square Decor Sand Wood Hourglass

    • Watching the thin strands of sand create much the same effect as watching the flames of a warm fire

    Sand Hourglass

    • Wood frame will add elegance to your home decor. Assist you in the need and takes the guesswork out of timing your schedule

    Wood Hourglass

    • The Hourglass Home Decor is an enduring and beautiful work of art that will provide a silent, accurate, and unobtrusive channel of time

    Hourglass Home Deco

    • Add a soothing, meditative focal point to any office, school, or home setting with the Sand Hourglass

    How Does an Hourglass Work?

    • Design: The hourglass is a simple and inexpensive alternative to a mechanical clock. Also known as a sand glass, sand clock or sand timer, the hourglass measures time by the rate of sand passing through one glass bulb to another identically shaped bulb. The hourglass is constructed of one piece of blown glass that is pinched in the middle. When the hourglass is turned over, the sand runs from the top bulb through the neck into the bottom bulb at a prescribed rate. Once all of the sand has reached the bottom bulb, the hourglass can be turned upside down and will measure time equally, regardless of which side is up. Although an hourglass does not easily measure precise times, it is an accurate measure since the sand will always flow at the same rate regardless of how much is left in the top bulb
    • Toiminto:Koska suunnittelua, se on vaikea rakentaa tiimalasi, joka suodattaa hiekka pidempään kuin tunti.Monet hourglasses kestää alle tunnin, ja jossain määrin vain muutaman minuutin ajan.Hourglasses käytetään yleisesti nykyaikana ruoanlaittoon ja pelien pelaamiseen.Jotkut ihmiset keräävät hourglasses kuin harrastus, ja monet vanhemmat hourglasses ovat erittäin arvokkaita.Tiimalasi käytetään usein symbolinen edustus itse aika
    • Tarkkuus: Many factors affect how well an hourglass measures time. An hourglass must be placed on a flat surface for it to work correctly. The amount, type and quality of sand in an hourglass also affects its accuracy. Fine grains of sand work best, as rough grains will wear away at the glass and widen the neck over time. Poor construction will also affect the measurement of time, since the size and shape of the glass bulbs determines how fast the sand flows. Additionally, if the hourglass is not properly sealed, moisture may enter and affect the weight of the sand or clog the neck. This will slow down or speed up the passage of sand through the bulbs and cause an inaccurate measurement of time

    How to Buy an Hourglass

    An hourglass is a traditional device used for measuring time. The hourglass consists of two chambers-an upper and a lower. Sand falls at a specific rate from the upper chamber into the lower. The total amount of sand in the glass is designed to represent a certain period of time, whether an hour or only a few minutes. When all the sand has fallen into the lower chamber, that amount of time has passed

    • Select an hourglass that meets your needs. Hourglasses can serve a variety of practical purposes. One common form is known as the egg timer. These devices measures periods of two or three minutes. They can be used in connection with cooking or even boardgames. If you wish to cook a three minute egg, simply turn over your three minute egg timer and cook until all of the sand has reached the bottom of the glass. You must buy a separate hourglass for each length of cooking time. Fractional measurement of the sand may be used, but is generally more difficult than using the entire volume of sand. Also, remember not to turn over a timer until all of the sand has emptied into the lower chamber. If any sand is left in the upper chamber, the hourglass will not measure the correct amount of time
    • Use large hourglasses as a form of decoration or display. Larger hourglasses will typically measure an hour or more. Superseded long ago as actual timekeepers by the mechanical clock, they can act as conversation pieces in a home or office. Hourglasses come in a variety of materials with bases made of wood, stone, metal, or plastic. The glass itself may be either glass or plastic. Many times, the top is connected to the base by carved or decorated columns or supports. The sand inside the hourglass may be colored, or might consist of minute balls of colored glass. Hourglasses vary widely in size. Though those that measure longer periods of time are generally larger in size, it is actually the size of the opening between the two chambers that determines the speed at which the sand falls. A large hourglass can be designed to measure a fairly short period of time
    • Choose especially elaborate hourglasses for their symbolic value. The hourglass has long been used to represent the metaphoric passage of time. Hourglasses with wings attached, or with images of skulls, can be viewed as representative of mortality or even human vanity. Many people use the hourglass to symbolize the joining of two people in marriage. The two chambers stand for the two equal individuals. The flow of the sand represents the exchange of love and ideas. Hourglasses have also had considerable allegorical and religious significance. If the hourglass speaks to you, buy it, and put it in a noticeable place. Perhaps, it will remind you of some personal accomplishment or future goal. It just might keep you more in tuned with the eternal rhythms of life and the cosmos


    • An ornamental hourglass can double as a desk ornament or paperweight. Match the hourglass to surrounding pieces, or choose an hourglass that will stand out from other objects and serve as a focal point
    • Use your hourglass on a level surface. An uneven base will interfere with the movement of the sand

    Paketti sisältää:

    • 1 x Hourglass

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Christopher Westerkampin

Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 03-29-2011 Nice, useful toy Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: While you get a consistent time length every turn, don't expect it to be precise to the second on the advertised duration.

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Frank Moore

Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 02-19-2011 Sand Hourglass Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: I found these sand timers to be a good value, relatively well made, and reasonably accurate in timing.

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Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 01-27-2011 suuri Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: Got this for my 3-year-old son for Christmas. Every time we head out to the beach, he grabs it to bring along. He loves watching the sand fall through the hourglass, and then when that gets old, he fills it with water. It was larger than I expected. Very fun, unique toy.

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Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 01-27-2011 Suuri Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: It took the baby about five seconds to figure out how to open this thing, spilling water everywhere. Use it outside!

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Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 12-28-2010 Awesome and unique Sand Hourglass Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: We got this hourglass sifter/funnel this past summer and it has been a very popular toy at the beach. It is very durable and we love that you can use it for both water and sand.

Oliko tämä arvio hyödyllinen?

Sleeta Morris

Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 12-23-2010 Hourglass Home Decor Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: Our kids had trouble with brushing their teeth too quickly. We use the two minute timer and they have to brush until the sand runs out. It works great!

Oliko tämä arvio hyödyllinen?

Ian Fearon

Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 12-10-2010 Wood Hourglass Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: it is a replacement for the same model times, so i am very satisfied with it.

Oliko tämä arvio hyödyllinen?

Jimmy Boucher

Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 11-10-2010 Sand Hourglass Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: I really like this product because it keeps time perfectely. Plus it's pretty to look at too.

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