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13L Eristetty Lounas Piknik Duffel Olkalaukut

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With the vacation coming, you must plan to picnic. Now, you may need a picnic bag. If you want a picnic bag, you should buy ours.Here, the picnic bag is made of high quality material satin and aluminum foil that is very durable for using. The material has the function of waterproof that you don't worry about the things will be destroyed in the rainy days. The looks of this picnic bag is very charming and beautiful. The lining material aluminum foil is not only safe and environmental but also can keep the fruits and vegetables fresh longer. The designer bag can hold the temperature between 0℃~+60℃ that can make your food warm. The zipper also has good quality that you can use it for a long time. On the other hand, this zipper can make it more convenient to pull open and close. The design is very reasonable that you can put all your things tidily. You friends will appreciate you good taste when they see this shoulder bag.So what are you waiting for? For your convenience and good taste, you should buy this beautiful picnic bag. And you will not regret for this choice. Come on and get it!
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Paluu säännöt
  • Tekniset tiedot:

    • Holding Temperature: 0˚C ~ +60˚C
    • Kapasiteetti: 13L
    • Väri:Vaaleanvihreä
    • Materiaali: Satin & Aluminium Foil & Waterproof Rubber
    • Koko:  30 x 16 x 32cm/11.8 x 6.3 x 12.6in(L x W x H)


    • This picnic bag can be used for a long time because of the high quality satin and aluminum foil
    • It is very convenient for you to open or close the  picnic bag for the zipper design
    • There has reasonable design that all your things can be put tidily
    • This  picnic bag has big enough space that you can put many things that you need
    • With this designer bag, you and your families or friends can enjoy the picnic
    • Your friends will appreciate your good taste with this cool backpack


    Bertor 13L Eristetty Lounas Piknik Duffel Olkalaukut

    • This picnic bag has beautiful design that amny people will like it

     Picnic Bag

    • There is big enough space that you can put as many as things that you need for the picnic

     Suunnittelija Bag

    • The zipper design can make you more convenient to open and close this picnic bag

    Shoulder Ba

    • The material of this pothook is very high that you can use it for a long time

    Bertor 13L Eristetty Lounas Piknik Duffel Olkalaukut

    • The black pad can reduce the stress if you carry too many things

     Picnic Bag

    • The handle is very beautiful and durable that you also can take it down

    Picnic reppu Käsityöt:

     Suunnittelija Bag

    As the warm months roll around, you will likely be spending more time outside with friends. Picnics are an outdoor activity many people enjoy in spring and summer, but even the best day can be ruined by a lack of preparation. Having a picnic backpack designated for your snacks, drinks, cups, plates and silverware will help you organize your picnics. Decorating your backpack with craft items personalizes your carrying gear

    Choosing a Backpack

    • The material from which your backpack is made will make a huge difference in the type of craft items you can successfully use to decorate it. Mesh backpacks with a slippery surface will make drawing with pens and paints difficult, although the material is more resistant to harsh weather, spills and leaks. Cotton backpacks will help paint, pens and glue-on crafts adhere semi-permanently. If you plan to illustrate the surface of your backpack, use a white backpack made of 100-percent cotton

    Luoda malleja

    • Sketch your design on paper before attempting to put it on your backpack. Once you have your design planned, slip a piece of cardboard inside the backpack to provide a solid surface on which to draw and prevent the color from leaking through. Draw or paint on your backpack as desired. If you used pens to draw your design, help the colors heat set by placing the backpack in the dryer for a short cycle. Paint a sealant over the designs on your backpack if you used paints

    Adding Accessories

    • You can decorate your backpack further using zipper pulls, lanyards and key chains. The Making Friends website, for example (makingfriends.com), provides free craft plans and supply lists to make dangling accessories that resemble animals, hearts, ghosts, baseball caps and other items. To make a lanyard, pick up twine, small plastic beads for decoration and complementary accessory items from a crafts store. Place your beads and items on the twine, braid the twine using a lanyard plan or as you see fit, tie off a knot and attach a key-chain ring so the accessory can hang from your zipper

    Clever Ideas

    • To really prepare your backpack for a picnic, you can employ a number of creative craft ideas. Consider sewing in extra pouches to hold drinks, small food items and silverware using a thread, needle and pieces of felt to create the pockets. Pack a self-made first-aid kit in one of your felt pouches. Include essential items, such as antiseptic and adhesive bandages. Sew in a name card, made from plastic or metal, with your name engraved or drawn in using permanent marker. Punch two holes into the name tag and sew onto the front of the backpack. Consider including a contact number in case your pack is lost. For all crafts that use sharp or dangerous tools, make sure an adult is present to facilitate the use of these tools

    How to Safely Pack a Picnic:

    Shoulder Ba

    Taking your family on a picnic in the park is a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy each others' company. However, placing your meal in old-fashioned baskets may not cut it. When packaging items to eat outdoors, it is important to keep food safety in mind. Improperly packing or failing to chill perishable items can result in spoiled items and food poisoning


    • Pour a bag of ice into each of the coolers, filling the first almost completely and the second only halfway. Use your hands to make the ice level in the coolers
    • Pack drinks in the fullest cooler, burying them in the ice. Smooth the ice and place an empty plastic cup on top. Spread a flat garbage bag on top of the cubes, tucking the edges of the bag around the ice. This ice will be for human consumption, so the garbage bag will keep it from getting dirty. Use the cup to dig around in the cooler and to scoop ice into other containers
    • Wrap all food individually in squares of plastic wrap, then in squares of foil. Package different types of food in different zip-top freezer bags (sandwiches in one bag, sliced fruit in another, etc.) and, if you like, use a permanent marker to label each bag. Put any food that can't be wrapped, such as salad, into plastic, lidded containers
    • Pack the second cooler. Put a flat garbage bag on top of the ice to keep food from getting soggy. Place the plastic containers on top of the garbage bag. Put several flat cold packs on top and along the sides of the containers. Pack bagged items on top of the cold packs and close the cooler tightly
    • Pidä ruoka jäähdytin suljettu niin paljon kuin mahdollista.Kun pääset piknikkialueella, älä avaa sitä viileämpi, kunnes on aika syödä.Hävitä piknik tähteitä, jos ne on istunut auringossa liian pitkään, ne voivat aiheuttaa ruokamyrkytyksen.Vain kuluttavat jäätä juoman jäähdytin

    Paketti sisältää:

    • 1 x olkalaukku

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00:00:00 10-01-2011 Sopii hyvin! Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: I would recommend this product if you have a car travel...

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00:00:00 09-28-2011 Great case but depends on your application Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: The shipping of this picnic backpack was fast and the product and all contents were great.

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00:00:00 09-24-2011 Näyttää hyvältä, sopii hyvin Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: This is the perfect all inclusive wine/or whatever beverage picnic backpack.

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00:00:00 09-20-2011 Suuri ulkonäkö Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: This picnic pack is great looking. I bought it as a present, and everyone was quite impressed with the clever use of space.

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00:00:00 09-17-2011 Mitä se sanoo Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: It is the idea size for family. I'm going to buy one for every couple I need a gift for!

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00:00:00 09-13-2011 Saa työtä tehdä! Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: The picnic bag is perfect for picnics on the beach. It holds two bottles of wine and a lot of food, is insulated, and comes with all the utensils you need to have a great meal.

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00:00:00 09-08-2011 Tarpeeksi hyvä Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: I got this picnic bag as a wedding shower gift and we love shoulder bag!

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00:00:00 09-02-2011 Ylittää maksavat itse Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: The Picnic Bag is very easy to carry, as the large shoulder strap is secure and very comfortable. Perfect designer bag.

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