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Nainen § Käsityö Tiibetin hopea Ring

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US $8.69

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Do you want a ring? This is a Hand-made Elegant Tibetan Jewelry Silver Ring. This women ring with very unique design is very attractive. With a stylish look this Fashion Ring will show off your sense of style and fashion. Tibetan Silver is very alike in appearance to white gold and platinum yet costs a ton less. Which makes it an obvious choice for couples who are planning to cut costs when making the big ring purchase. Silver is very soft, and so sterling silver is often used for fine jewelry. This Tibetan Ring is delicate and very suitable for women of all ages. How wonderful sterling silver Tibetan Ring to give to that someone special.Enhance your wardrobe with this women ring. It's craftsmanship and attention to detail are flawless. It is a perfect present for you. Just try it!
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  • Tekniset tiedot:

    • Tibetan Ring is simple and elegant with a romantic touch
    • Elegantti, tyylikäs ja ainutlaatuinen muotoilu, tarkka leikkaus ja korkea muotoillun viimeistely
    • Crystal has been treated to improve their appearance or durability and require special care
    • Viehättävä ja houkutteleva kaikissa tilanteissa
    • Tibetan Ring is sure to win over your sweetheart
    • Suuri lahja Ystävänpäivä
    • Materiaali: Tibetan Silver
    • Leveys: 8mm/0.6in
    • Sisähalkaisija: 15-20mm/0.6-0.8in

    Tarkemmat tiedot 

    CC Female Section Hand-made Tibetan Silver Ring

    • Unique design makes this women ring more vogue, lovely and interesting

    Tibetan Ring
    Women Ring              

    • This Tibetan Ring looks charming and sparking when wearing it for all occasions

     Fashion Ring    
    CC Female Section Hand-made Tibetan Silver Ring     

    • Its craftsmanship and attention to detail are flawless. Fashion Ring is a perfect present for you

    Miten ehdottamaan mahdollisimman Ring

    You've found the right girl. You're madly in love and ready to pop the question. There's just one problem: you don't have a ring. Proposing without a ring can be tricky; however, it is possible to do it with style and have a good outcome.

  • 1

    Pick a beautiful setting for the proposal. Because you don't have a ring, everything else about the event should be as perfect as you can make it. Finding a beautiful meadow and throwing a picnic on a sunny afternoon, making reservations at a restaurant you know she loves or booking a quaint bed and breakfast are some ideas.

  • 2

    Get down on one knee. This is imperative when proposing. Even if a woman says it really doesn't matter, she will love the gesture. It's especially important when not having a ring.

  • 3

    Write her a love poem and date it. Women love to remember special dates. The dated poem will be something she can look back on for years to come. It will make her feel that you thought everything through and understood the importance of the occasion. Without a ring she might otherwise think it was just a spur of the moment thing if you haven't planned everything exactly right.

  • 4

    Offer another form of jewelry in place of a traditional engagement ring. A piece of jewelry that has been in your family for ages would be a nice touch. It will be something for her to hold on to and remember the day by.

  • 5

    Tell her you want to let her pick the ring herself. Women love picking out jewelry. Giving her the chance to pick a design she really loves shows thoughtfulness and consideration.

  • 6

    Propose with the whole family present if children are involved. Get all the kids together, get down on one knee and propose to the whole family. Tell the children that you aren't just marrying their mom, but them also. This is sure to pull on the woman's heart strings and get you extra points.

  • 7

    Make it special. All of the above tips are about making the occasion special in and of itself, without the need for a ring. If you make an event out of proposing, she won't care if there's a ring or not.

  • Tibetan silver:

    • Tibetan silver is used primarily in jewellery components, and is similar to pewter - an alloy of copper, and sometimes tin or nickel, with a small percentage of pure silver. Its overall appearance is of aged silver, but it can be polished to provide highlights on complex castings. The nickel content is nowadays reduced or absent, due to common allergies to this metal
    • Tibet silver used to have a higher silver content a decade or two ago, up to 30% or higher, but cheaper reproductions from Far Eastern factories have diluted the term. The genuine article can only really be got from the metal and silversmiths in situ, some of whom still manage to produce work from their long tradition of gold and silversmithing in this country. The related term 'Nepalese silver', however, seems to have held on to the higher silver content and association with quality metalsmithing

    Paketti sisältää:

    • 1 x Female Section Hand-made Tibetan Silver Ring

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00:00:00 08-17-2011 Pretty and elegant Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: Tämä rengas on hyvin yksinkertainen, ja elegantti. Suuri yllään rennosti tai mukava porukka. Se ei ole niin hankalaksi kuin muissa helmi renkaat Olen yrittänyt viime aikoina. Erittäin tyytyväinen minun ostaa.

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Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 07-20-2011 Kaunis Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: Always a little leery of purchasing jewelry online, I bought this ring. LOVE it. It's simple, yet not too traditional pearl. Would definitely recommend.

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Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 07-06-2011 Hyvä Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: I always wanted to wear Tibetan ring... i got this one relatively cheap.. its luster is good and also the metal.. over all i like this ring; looks fresh and new... no markings on metal, that is what i like about it..

Oliko tämä arvio hyödyllinen?


Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 06-22-2011 Tykkään Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: There isn't anything actually WRONG with it and I like it for what it is. It just isn't the same quality I am looking for and I knew that from the price. I just wanted something to go with my other pearl and white gold jewelry while I continue the hunt.

Oliko tämä arvio hyödyllinen?


Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 06-09-2011 Nice Ring Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: For the price, it's worth buying but it does have it's issues. This Fashion Ring is very pretty, and the pearl is a little larger than the few others I have.

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Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 05-26-2011 KAUNIS Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: This Women Ring is really stunning. I love the blend of sterling silver with pearl. This is simple, classy, and elegant. The sizing is true to size as well. I have gotten multiple compliments on this pearl ring. Fast shipping as well. Very impressed!

Oliko tämä arvio hyödyllinen?


Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 05-18-2011 Cute and classy Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: The Tibetan Ring is very simple and classy. The size of the pearl is perfect, not too large, but yet a pretty decent size to be noticed. Overall, I am happy with the ring.

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Ostivat tämän kohteen

00:00:00 05-11-2011 Tiibetin Ring Kokonaismäärä:  
  • Muut Ajatuksia: A beautiful Tibetan Ring, I love the simplicity of it, does not sit up too high and a very nice lustre to the pearl. If you're looking for a pearl ring to wear everyday. I highly recommend.

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